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Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursday morning

A little cloudy at times, but still nice spring weather, There were a few touch-ups on the paint in the morning by Bonnie and Maria on the big vents for the ceilings and the guys were working on the addition, putting metal on the roof and insulation in the walls. Of course they were pouring more concrete (every day but Sunday) when I walked snack over to them.


Painting touch-ups
 Here are some photos I took then. Craig, our official photographer was feeling unwell and spent most of the day in bed.... it was evening before he was looking a little better.
Concrete curbs for the freestalls

 The freestalls were delivered this week and they started assembling them on Wednesday. They cost the same as when we talked to the company two years ago, but cost less with the dollar being stronger against the grivna now.
Crossovers, were poured too. 

This guy had to get a shower after putting the insulation in the addition!

Getting ready for Friday morning's concrete pour

Garry eating on the run

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