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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Breakfast time- oatmeal and toast this morning
I slept in until 5:30 this morning, but got some oatmeal going right away, because we try to eat at 6 am, so they get devotions finished and are out to work around 7:00.

Bonnie was up before me, but she was actually out helping the ladies milk the cows, she even milked one by hand (there are four that they still milk that way because they are old cows who did not like the machines.)
7 am and off to work they go!

Like a row of yellow and blue booths
I got a few photos at lunchtime before my camera battery died.... unfortunately not of the progress on the addition, though.... Thursday is the last full day of work and there is still lots to do!
Yes it is warm again today! Ukrainians are still wearing jackets though 
Lunch is here! We spread it out on whatever boards look good
Masha eating lunch

One of the Ukrainian guys finishing lunch. 
Maria (Masha) and Bonnie painted most of the day after bringing snack (fried egg sandwiches) over to the guys at 9:30 this morning.

Garry missed lunch, he had to run back to the city because he had bought the wrong something...
Bonnie and Neil

Polo tries Kool-aid but he is not a fan

Richard back at work after lunch

Masha is painting blue today

So is Bonnie

Andrei and the other guys working on the freestall headrail

I hoped to get back over there to get more photos before dark, after charging the camera; but I was too busy peeling, chopping and washing up with Bonnie hard at work at the farm painting. I have been getting spoiled with all the dish washing she's done this week.

Seven pm and some of the guys are checking out the latest in world news after getting back from the barn, dinner is ready... I guess everyone got enough there was a little salad and potatoes leftover after Garry filled his plate. He was the last one to eat because he had been off to breed a cow again. This time no one went with him- the night before Bonnie had gone along for the ride to see a Ukrainian farm.

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