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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Crops and stuff

Yesterday the guys were busy planting alfalfa, Max was driving tractor and his brother Andrey was on the back of the seeder, tossing out big chucks of fertilizer that might plug up the seeder, so the fertilizer kept going on the field correctly.

washing hands before eating

This is the new seeder he bought last year

I went along when Garry drove lunch out to the field and took some photos. That's one of Garry's winter wheat  fields greening up across the pond. You may remember there was corn and sunflowers planted there last summer.

We had a fresh cow yesterday too, this little guy was still wet when I took his photo, he was tied in front of the cows, you can see most of the winter bale wall (for insulation) is still there.

new 75% Holstein calf... too bad it's a bull 
Garry has been busy breeding cows for different people, 2 this morning, in just two days last week he bred nine cows. He bred one for a lady who showed him a 3 month old Holstein sired calf he had been responsible for, right next to a calf from the village bull- the Holstein calf was much bigger, which why he gets so many cows to breed these days.

Today's projects including getting ready for the barn build this week, building a Bear house (his owners did that- a doghouse, our visiting maybe new dog's name is Bear) and finishing laying the tile in the Malinky Dome. I will grout it Monday morning, and hopefully finish painting the cabinets - I am waiting for one side of the doors to dry so I can paint the other sides.

Bear and his new house
It was warm but very windy today, it seems we might be getting rain tomorrow, maybe even some snow on Monday in the forecast, the wind is blowing hard now, I can hear the gate rattling and banging.
Garry getting the last little pieces in

Looking different now!

Next door at lunchtime

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