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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Another bright and sunny day, we may have exceeded the predicted high of 22 C (71 F for Americans). Some of the guys are getting  too much sun, they even have farmer tans. When Garry suggested we could eat lunch over there at the site last week, I had my doubts that it would work since the weather has been pretty cool/cold, but it has been lovely.

Fresh concrete for the milking parlor
The concrete floor they were finishing last night was dry enough by lunch time to put the walls up that they had pre-built for the addition. When we arrived with lunch, there was a truck full of wood they were unloading and a cement truck that was pouring the parlor walls too! Garry and Andrei missed some of lunch so they could put the rest of the cement in the truck on the freestall curbs with the tractor loader.

 I discovered that chicken noodle soup disappears really fast- the second pot today was cream of potato spinach and it was not as popular, although it all disappeared too. The hot dogs in little dough coats were gone quick too. Thanks to Olga Maslo, who had come out with Victor and got all those hot dogs out of the plastic wrappers for me....every hot dog is individually wrapped, and there were more than 40 of them! Rolling the dough around was the easy part! The ladies/girls at the girls' group home provided a dessert they had made, pierogies (not what you think kind of like a fruit filled doughnut. They have volunteered to made borscht for Thursday, too. Here are some photos I took just after lunch of them putting up the walls and the ladies painting yellow again (blue is next.)

I'm not the only one taking photos

There are 11 holes, they had to built one more on Monday!

Yes, these are the ventilation chimneys that Bonnie and Maria are painting

Masha (Maria) hard at work

One more wall to go!

Many hands make light work

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Up it goes

 Olga said it was very interesting to watch the walls go up so fast, she had not seen anything like it before. The Ukrainian guys that are helping are not so sure than the wind won't blow the building over, since the walls are not made of bricks.

That's AJ, the other dairy farmer in the group

They had the trusses up before they came home for dinner, which was vereniki (you may call them pierogies) potato, potato mushroom and my favorite, cherry filled ones with sour cream. Oh and some pork and veggies.... and brownies for dessert. Everyone was in bed much earlier than Monday night.

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