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Friday, March 21, 2014

Work team from BC came!

Devotions at 6:30 am, after breakfast
Thursday afternoon the team from BC arrived in Dnepro, at the the airport, with all but one of their bags. Unfortunately, that was the one which contained the special transformer they had made to run all the 110 tools in the other suitcases! Our power is 220 here, so they are making do on day one, the suitcase is supposed to be one its way here. Last night they were busy planning the room they are building onto the barn for the trade school. Some of the guys rode into Zaporosia with Garry to pick up some things at the home supply store, but most were ready to sleep after the long trip here.

Garry had planned to pour cement on Monday to get ready for their arrival, but had to delay until Tuesday because there was snow Sunday night and it was too cold for them to deliver the concrete.

I did finish the grout in the room in the summer kitchen, and Tuesday morning I drove our other guests to the airport (except Bear the dog, he is staying here) while Garry waited for the cement truck, which was supposed to arrive at ten am. Of course it was more like noon when it came.

Now it's Friday afternoon, and I took some photos when I helped take lunch over to the work site, to save time for the guys, they had breakfast at 6 am and plan to keep working until dark, around 6 pm, when it will be dinner time. They ate the soup and sandwiches in shifts, since they were trying to get ready for the cement truck, which came at 2 o' clock.
The milkhouse/classroom/change room area

That's Bonnie helping me get lunch ready for the guys

We even have a photographer/worker

What's that hole for in the barn? The milk parlor

You can see the village beyond the pond

Bean or veggie/hamburger soup?

Some guys can do two things at the same time

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