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Friday, February 21, 2014

All is well here, in our part of Ukraine

With the news headlines, you might be worried about us here in Ukraine, but we are fine here in the village. It's a bright sunny Friday morning and we are getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday we drove back from the south and other than more traffic police than usual and lineups at bank machines and gas stations while driving though Zaporosia around 5 pm, things seemed normal. Garry is off to check out more corn planters to buy this morning and pay some traffic tickets he got back in November when he drove me to the airport in Kiev.

Garry checking out machinery 
We drove down to Crimea for a mini-vacation on Monday before the situation in Kiev had dramatically worsened, and everything there was relatively normal. On the way south, he stopped at a couple machinery dealers to see what they had for corn planters, but there were only ones like he had seen at the farm show last week, that he did not like.

We had a good time with some friends, watched some Canadian Olympic hockey, walked the promenade along the sea in Yalta and even went swimming- in a heated outdoor pool! It was 12 degrees C, if you are wondering...

We enjoyed the weather as Canadians! 

almost warm enough! 12C same as the air!

our van at the place we stayed

We even did some shopping in a few of the fancy shops along the sea where Garry bought me a belated birthday present of a Ukrainian Olympic track suit. Almost everything in the store was in the national colors of yellow and blue, but this one was in oranges and in my size - which in tiny Ukrainian sizes is 2XL! (I buy size 12 or 14 at home)

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