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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Olympic sport watching

It turned out we had no English language Olympic coverage on our satellite (interestingly our service is from a Russian company) however one of the regular Ukrainian channels has a good deal of programming, and if you watch closely you can figure out what is happening because the graphics tend to be in English, I don't know why, but they are. Since it is Ukrainian television, we get about 40 minutes of coverage followed by 20 of commercials- it's the way all TV is done here, when the commercials start you can not just grab something from the fridge, you can go cook dinner.

You might wonder what the broadcasters are talking about, they do get very excited about any Ukrainian competitors, they seem better at cross country skiiing and biathon than anything else but there are some figure skaters and sledders I have seen, I saw one medal go to Ukraine, in a skiing event I think. They are excited about any favorites in the events also, from what I can tell.  According to my poor language skills, the most common word they use is Vancouver-rie or -ah, when talking about how they did in the previous games, the competitors are called sportsmen (regardless of their sex) and jumps of any kind are trampolin whether they are skiing, skating or whatever and the winners are of course champi-on. At least we have seen lots of events and sometimes Canadians winning medals. Last night we watched the womens hockey game with friends who are able to watch CBC on their computer, what fun to even see the commercials from home, and understand what they are saying.

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