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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rapid changes ... (part 1)

We have been collecting photos of how things have changed here in Ukraine in the last few weeks in Ukraine. Last week Sunday we took some photos at the bottom of Kivova (street) just down the hill from where we go to church, near a government building, where there seemed to be a large police presence as we drove past. Later, we heard that one of the opposition leaders had been in Dnepropetroesk that afternoon for a rally.
There were police there last weekend

If you are wondering about the rockets, they are a new display this year to honor the rocket factory - samples of the ones built there
Dnepro was a closed city where the USSR built missiles and rockets at the factory, which now builds a variety of things, including rototillers for gardens

The same place one week later  the plaza looks rather empty!

Here is a photo of the Passage mall last week as we drove past it. They had European Union flags hanging over their sidewalk on Karl Marx boulevard, also. A couple of weeks ago the owners decided to support the Maidon protesters by showing channel 5 (which had a live feed of the protests in Kiev) about a half hour later, the mall suddenly had no electrical power, we were told. 

This week the video displayed on the outside of the building was what was happening at the RADA (parliament) with a live television feed. Over the weekend most television stations were displaying a burning candle in the corner of the screen in the memory of those killed in Kiev.

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