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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fertilizer starts the farming season

In spite of the the changes in government, life here is unchanged, except for the ATM (bank-o-mats) seem reluctant to give us grivna right now. This is how we normally get money out of our Canadian bank accounts while here in Ukraine. Unlike other foreigners here, we have cash coming in as milk is sold, so it has not been a big problem for us.

Sunday was warm and the mud was still with us, but it got cold, with a dusting of snow even, for the beginning of this week. That was a good thing as Garry and the guys have been looking for the opportunity to spread fertilizer on the winter wheat. They planted 140 acres last fall, and with the weather warming up, hoped to get some on to have a really good crop. With the ground frozen, and the fertilizer bought, Monday afternoon we were hunting the house for the tractor GPS system to aid in the placement of the fertilizer.  Garry had put away someplace last fall to keep it safe. After looking three times in every place we could think of, we were stumped. It was about the size of the toaster, with cables,  in a plastic bag... where did it go?

Tuesday morning Garry talked me into going to the gym in Zaporosia with him, and when we got back around noon, Maxim was excited to tell him he had found it in "Seth and Jonah's room in the clothes cupboard" so they were able to start spreading that afternoon. They finished it this morning, as the mud is frozen solid everywhere, with some snowflakes blowing around again. However, it is supposed to warm up overnight with rain in the forecast, so they are very happy.

Garry is checking how many bags are left to use

Snowflakes were melting on the windshield as we drove up to see

Andrey got out of tractor for a photo with Garry

Last year they put fertilizer on the wheat, but it just sat there, because we did not get rain to move the nutrients into the ground for the plants to use. The melting snow and rain should get the plants their ammonium nitrate, and will hopefully mean a bumper crop, with all the moisture in the ground this year from the big snow, and some more rain this spring. There are still a few snow banks waiting to melt along the highways and in the fields.

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