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Friday, February 7, 2014

Lasagna for dinner

It's a foggy, frosty morning in the village, since the weather is warming up. It's almost noon and the snow is sliding off the roof finally with little rumbling rushes down the metal roof. Dinner in Ukraine is noontime at our house or to be more Ukrainian, we can sometimes have it between then and two pm, when many eat the main meal of the day.

The boys have been enjoying having me cook for them again, I think while we were gone, they mostly ate bread with jam or maybe slevki (like 50% cream that they spread a half inch thick on their bread instead of butter. They like Nutella on bread also, but it doesn't last long when you spread it that thick!

A couple days ago Andrey asked about eating something, which turned out to be lasagna, so I bought a box on Wednesday when we went shopping. The noodles available here for lasagna is in very thin sheets that does not get pre-boiled like the stuff at home in North America, I assume it is the real thing, since it is imported from Italy. Since it is imported, it is a little pricey so I have not bought it too many times.
 However, we had a pile of dry curd cheese from when the guys made some after separating cream last week when the snow kept the milk buyers away, so I had the other ingredient I needed. Hopefully it doesn't taste too sour, which it does sometimes, I think because the skim milk is left out to turn into curds, and then cooked instead of adding something to coagulate the milk. Ground beef is not a problem, since Garry and the guys killed a cow in December, and there is lots in the freezer. We are no longer eating tasty Princessca but a much younger cow who name was  Ma...something..ka. All I had to do was turn some tomato paste into sauce with some onions, garlic and spices.... they had better like this dinner.

So why did Andrey want to try lasagna? Because Garfield loves it. When he said Garfield I realized it was lasagna he wanted to try and Garry assured him I knew how to make this wonderful food. Ukrainians love cartoons, Tom and Jerry and Chip and Dale are favorites. Anyone who doesn't know any English can say their names! In fact, if Garry tells someone he has a brother named Tom they think it hilarious, since many have trouble saying Garry and call him Jerry.

So I'd better check how it's coming along in the oven, soon we'll know what Andrey (and Maxim and maybe the other Max, since he has made it in for dinner half the time since we got home) think of Garfield's favorite food.

They all liked it as you can see, all the guys had a second big serving.

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