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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Roads are improving

The other highway that the village connects to is on the left, on Wednesday afternoon when we drove to Zaporosia. Garry wanted a new MP3 player to listen to Russian lessons on, and we needed to make a serious grocery shopping run for all the things we didn't know we didn't have when we came back on Saturday!
the highway we normally drive, looking pretty good!

main highway into Zap, must be cleared by someone else

When will the second lane be clear to pass?
Downtown Zaporosia
We found the MP3 player downtown and then headed to the Ashan store at City Mall for going up and down every aisle, overfill the cart grocery shopping. on the way out of the city we had to stop at a railroad crossing when the lights and siren sounded, after a while (some pedestrians and a stray dog used the break in traffic to cross the street) an engine pushed three cars through.

first car through! The orange vest guy is hanging on

We got home just as dusk was falling, to unload our 3 bags of stuff and various bottles of water, coke, and a flat of eggs (eggs were really cheap this week.)  Hopefully Friday's trip to Dnepropetroesk and home in the dark will be just as safe. 

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